Frequently Asked Questions

Grip Stickers™

Grip Stickers™ are self-adhesive stickers that add a secure, grippy surface to all your smooth and slippery devices.

Our stickers are designed to stay where you stick them. With that said, the stickers can be removed by intentionally peeling up a corner and pulling the sticker from the device slowly. No damage to the device will occur, but the sticker might leave some residue that will need to be removed with come cleaner.

Yes you can! Our Grip Stickers™ are designed to be used on the back of a laptop to add a thin grippy surface, so your hand will not slip.

Yes you can! Our Grip Stickers™ are designed to be used on the back of almost any electronic device to add a thin grippy surface, so the device will not slip out of your hands.

Yes you can! Our Grip Stickers™ can be used on your game controller to add a thin grippy layer where you need it. You can cut the strips to fit with scissors.

Yes you can. Grip Stickers™ cut well with scissors. 


We offer 30-day exchanges or refunds, so if you aren't happy with our stickers you can return them. Please note you cannot return any product that already been used or stuck to a device. Products need to be new and unused in order to qualify for returns.

We do! But we have to charge our International customers for shipping.

We ship the same day orders are received from our warehouse in San Diego, California. You should get your order in 3-5 days.